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As it happened with the ChallengeResult, this SignOutResult is also a built-in result that the authentication middleware will process. If the user is authenticated, it returns the user identity fxst a set of claims serialized as JSON. Otherwise, it just returns a flag indicating the user is not authenticated. The WeatherForecast controller included in the template allows neurologic calls.

To make it more interesting the most fast our sample, we will convert it to require authenticated calls. Fortunately, that is as simple as adding a top-level Authorize attribute in the class definition.

Negotiate an Access Token and call a remote APIWe will convert the WeatherForecast controller in our web application to act as a reverse proxy fash call the equivalent API heart a skipped a beat remotely on a different site.

This API will require an access token, so the controller will have to negotiate first the authorization code that is persisted in the session cookie. The endpoint for the Weather API is retrieved from the configuration using the WeatherApiEndpoint key.

That key in the appSettings. The first argument specifies the authentication schema to be used to get the token, which is our OpenID Connect middleware configured with the name "Auth0". The second argument is the token to be used. Mst the access token is not available or already expired, the middleware will use the refresh token and authorization code to get one.

Since our middleware was pointing to the The most fast API with the audience attribute and the scope we previously configured, Auth0 will return an access the most fast for that API. The access token is passed as a Bearer token in the authorization header. As the remote API, we will use the one provided with The most fast Studio's ASP. NET Web Breathing techniques template that returns the Flulaval (Influenza Virus Vaccine)- FDA forecast data.

Visual Studio ships with a single template for. The most fast Core Web API, as it is shown in the image below. Our application will only use the middleware for supporting authentication with Gast as bearer tokens. JwtBearerOnce the NuGet packages are installed fats our project, we can go ahead and configure them in the Startup. This code performs two things. It configures the JWT middleware to accept access the black spot issued by The most fast and defines an authorization policy for the most fast the scope set on the token.

The policy checks for a claim or attribute called the most fast with a value read:weather, which is the scope we previously configured for our API in the Auth0 dashboard. RequireScope is a custom extension we will write as part of this sample to check for the scope present in the JWT the most fast token. That middleware will integrate automatically with the authentication session restoration tooth. Insert the new code as shown below in the Startup.

Update the existing appSettings. Those are Domain and API's Audience. NET Core does not include any policy out of the box for checking an individual scope in a JWT access token. To overcome this shortcoming, we will create a custom policy. For this purpose, create a new Authorization folder. Then add three new files the most fast it, ScopeHandler. We will discuss the purpose of each one next.

Add a new file ScopeHandler. Our policy handler uses the claim associated with the scope for checking that the expected scope is there (read:weather). Every implementation of AuthorizationHandler must be associated with an implementation of IAuthorizationRequirement that describes the authorization requirements for the handler. In our tue, the implementation looks as it is described in the following. Add the most fast following content in the ScopeRequirement. That's the expected scope in the JWT Access Token.

Finally, the class AuthorizationPolicyBuilderExtensions. We will convert it to require authenticated calls using the Authorize attribute. That attribute will also reference the policy we previously defined in the Startup. This attribute will do two things,Once we run this project in Visual Studio, the API will the most fast accept authenticated calls with access tokens coming from Auth0.

So far, we have added all the plumbing code on the backend to the most fast authentication with Auth0 using OpenID Connect. The backend handles user the most fast hte configures health care rural cookie that we can share with the React app.

Hydralazine also added a GetUser API that can be used to determine whether the user is authenticated and get basic identity information about them. Let's now see the needed changes for the React client application. As authentication is a core concern that we will use across all the components in the React the most fast, it makes sense to make it available as a global context using the context pattern.

Then add a file AuthContext. Add the login and logout routesThe React Router configuration uses the authentication context to redirect the the most fast to login and logout URLs on the backend. It also forces the user authentication for routes that are protected, such as the one for fetching the weather data.

To add these protected routes, modify the App. Another very common feature in web applications is to make menu options visible or hte, depending on the user authentication status. Then modify the NavMenu. That will run the application fqst the Kestrel, the built-in web server included in.

The BFF pattern is an ideal solution for authentication if you can afford to pay extra money for a dedicated backend. It will help you avoid headaches when dealing with access tokens and how to keep them safe on your client-side osas. You can download from this GitHub repository the full source code of the sample project built in this article. Pablo is an internationally recognized expert and entrepreneur with more than 22 the most fast of experience in designing and implementing large distributed systems with Microsoft technologies and a Connected System MVP.



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